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song - Dada & the Weathermen

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Dada’s Nineteen 88

New mini Dada & the Weathermen album with a new genre!

Go on, give yourself a nice treat and take some musical time. You’ll feel better afterwards!
Nouveau petit album avec un nouveau genre !
Allez-y, faites vous plaisir et prenez le temps d’écouter un peu de musique. Ca ira mieux après!


The Dada Weatherman 88 cover art music

The Dada Weatherman 88 cover art music

Paris I Love You

A song written just after the attacks in Paris. A hommage to the city of lights and the people. Lyrics below the video.

“Paris, I love you”

Paris i know you’re still standing
I love you from all banks of the seine
From voltaire to the cathedral’s bell
Your swirling light guides us through hell
Those fuckers won’t stand in our way
Show me the way to a better day
Paris i love you in my heart
We’re still standing & fear won’t break us apart
Paris i know you’re gonna be stronger
You’ll beat the shit out of the haters
This morning the sun is shining bright again
Love will still remain above the insane