Dada & who?

Dada of the band Dada & The Weathermen

Dada & who?

Dada of the band Dada & The Weathermen


*USEFUL TIP: Please maintain a real sense of self-derision at all times*

Dada was born in the 88th year of the twentieth century under the oddly common name of Jonathan. He has been living his youth in and around Paris. He found his real passion for music when he was 16 years old after the discovery of his father’s old records. Something we used to call “Rock ‘n Roll” back in those days. Browsing through dusty vinyls he met someone that changed his life forever: Jimi Hendrix and his Electric Ladyland. Suddenly he had found out what his life would be made of. He learned how to play guitar by listening to records and with the help of tabs on that thing we are now using everyday without noticing: the world-wide web. First he played only covers from famous band like Led Zeppelin or the Beatles and the Stones and went on discovering different music genres like Folk music with Bob Dylan or Neil Young.

Did he study music more than mathematics? Yes.

Then he tried to immitate his idols and produced a lot of forgotten albums that vanished through the years of used hard drive disks and too many broken strings of his guitar. It is a real chance for you that some were recovered. You can find those relics in the old suff department section.

Some years went by and Dada was born after reading a line from Bob Dylan’s book ‘Tarantula’. It is widely recommended to get this book and read it, even if you don’t understand a damn thing. You’ll find the reason why Dada got together a band of weathermen to play music. And why it makes so much sense. Or not.

*About the Weathermen:

The Weathermen are anyone, everyone and noone at the same time. They are every characters who play a part at any point in Dada’s artistic journey. They are simply every state of mind he is in at the moment he writes a song. But the Weathermen can also be real people. They can be musicians, technicians, photographers or even cab drivers.


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  • Ed
    Posted at 00:15h, 09 November Reply

    Hey Dada

    Really enjoying your songs buddy. I’m a musician myself perhaps we can play a show sometime when I visit France, I live in Ireland . . . it’s cold and wet though lovely and warm in other ways.


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